get the good in

Finding real healthy snacks you can trust can be hard when on the go.

At SiSú, we love convenience. And real honest product goodness is what we’re all about.

With our promise of goodness guaranteed you get all the natural vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants you expect. And the great taste will surprise you too.

Vegetable juices
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Our promise ofgoodness guaranteed

HonestIngredients you
can trust

No additives
No flavourings
• No colourings
No preservatives
• Nothing but fruit & veg

Healthin a bottle

One of your five a day
Hydration & nourishment
• Easy way to eat more vegetables
Perfect for fussy eaters
• Ideal for a busy lifestyle

Cold-pressedto retain goodness

Rich in vitamins & minerals
Contains fibre & enzymes
• High antioxidant content
Great source of health supporting polyphenols, flavonoids & carotenoids

Why SiSúcold-pressed juices

All the nutrients preserved
High fibre content
• Natural occurring sugars only
Considerate of portion sizes
• Not from concentrate
Nothing added

Where to getyour SiSú juice

SiSú is well on its way to becoming Ireland's leading health & wellness brand.

You can pick up a bottle of our fruit & vegetable goodness in various shops, cafes, gyms, health shops and restaurants nationwide and we're constantly adding new locations. Our aim is to be in every great shop and cafe near you.

We also deliver directly to companies where great employers make our juices available to their staff as part of their health and wellbeing programmes.

If you're interested in stocking our cold-pressed juices and smoothies, get in touch with us. We'd love to talk.

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