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Investing in your everyday nutrition is as important as investing in your retirement fund. Same goes for investing in your employees, their performance today and health in the future.
With SiSú as part of your corporate wellness programme, there's one good thing your employees can easily do every day that their body and future will thank them for.

LET'S MAKE healthy snacking easierFOR YOUr employees

Crafting fresh premium quality products to deliver superior taste & real health benefit is our passion in SiSú. But making things easier & more convenient really matters too.
That's why we also focus on innovation when it comes to sales channels and pricing structures, which allows us to customise our corporate wellness offering to your company's specific needs. 

Nutritious & tasty products

Crafted to deliver real health benefit & superior taste

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Innovative customer experience

Including our bespoke smart retail cabinet

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From the start, we were determined that the way in which our customers access our fresh, healthy products must be more than a souless vending solution. We want you to enjoy the experience of selecting one of our delicious cold pressed juices. We searched the world for what we wanted but it didn’t exist.

So we innovated and partnered with a cutting edge global IT firm to create the SiSú Smart Retail Cabinet. Playful and fun, the way it should be.

The employees of companies we partner with enjoy a smart, cashless and easy to use system to choose their fresh SiSú Juices every day.



We also supply some of our clients with this lovely juice dispenser which creates great “water cooler moments” for staff as they take a quick juice break and exchange ideas on their work.

The “Juice on tap” dispenser is also refrigerated so it keeps our delicious cold pressed juice beautifully chilled all day.

Great value pricing

With flexible options for employer's subsidisation

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From the beginning, our goal was to bring fresh, natural, healthy products directly to the workplace at great value prices. Our cold pressed juice is a premium product but we have succeeded in bringing this to our customers at an affordable price point.

Our juices cost €3.25 per 250ml bottle. This is the price that customers pay from the comfort of their office. We partner with our corporate clients to put a package together that suits both their office size as well as their budget.



Sisu corporate wellnessin the words of our clients

“"SiSú have partnered with Airbnb Dublin offering our crew delicious, healthy cold-pressed vegetable based juices that fit perfectly with our food program mission "Authentic and nutritious food, incorporating local partnerships". SiSú talks have been received with rave reviews from the crew and we look forward to continuing our partnership with team at SiSú"”

- Mike Whelan, Culinary Ambassador Manager, Airbnb Dublin

Some Of Our Corporate ClientsWe're Proud To Work With

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