SiSú® showcases its natural ingredients in first campaign

SiSú® showcases its natural ingredients in first campaign

We are thrilled to announce our first campaign.

The campaign ‘Summertime with SiSú® ‘ features bottles of our great tasting cold pressed juice, captured in vibrant scenes depicting sporting activity, creatively made up with fruit and vegetables.

SiSú’s® cold pressed juice is our first product range and it has already gained a significant following in Ireland due to its delicious taste and being 100% natural, hitting all the touch-points of the health and wellbeing trend.

As we travel across Ireland, we are getting terrific response from consumers and retailers on the quality and great taste of our products. The market is confusing for consumers as many competing brands are a combination of pasteurised and ‘from concentrate or purees’.

We use:
- farm fresh fruit and vegetables
- are cold-pressed
- 100% natural
- and never pasteurised

The campaign is anchored on simplicity, we care about simple, natural ingredients in our products. We also fully recognise the importance of taking part in activity.

When you see SiSú® we want our customers to trust us to deliver on our promise of 'a small step to nurturing a healthier you'.


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